Boris van de Zilveren Loop


Winnaar kampioen der kringen 2015 (winner champion in the 2015 South Holland competition).

Boris is a very large male at 90 pounds and 68 cm in height. He is a great looking specimen and an amazing producer. He produces hard, drivy and clear headed dogs. A lot of his pups are training for KNPV or police dogs. He is social, clear headed, extremely confident and a great working dog.

His sire is Guido van Valesca the 2012 KNPV PH1 national champion, his dam is Fleche Perle de Tourbiere an amazing producer from 100 percent Perle de Tourbiere lines.

He is a KNPV PH1 430, he also won the 2015 South Holland regional competition. He is hips and elbow certified, had PennHIP as well as tested free for over 150 diseases. We are very happy to be able own the dog who most people in Holland think is the best or definitely one of the best FCI registered KNPV PH1 working dog and producer.

AKC Registered # DN45619401
FCI Registered # LOSH 1106980
KNPV: BRN 23639
Hips certified: HD A
Elbows certified: ED 0/0
PennHIP: 0.16 0.14
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