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Avisa’s Jessie is a daughter of our Stud KNPV PH1 Boris Van De Zilveren Loop and Darkfall Poema.


Arrack’s Home Tika Too enjoying her retirement with our fantastic vet, Dr. Khuly!!


Bindi enjoying her retirement with her new family!!


Athos x Hillie female, donated, training for detection work!! 


Athos x Hillie Puppies, Litter “M”


Athos x Nala Pup being shown

Athos_Tika_Red_Belgian Malinois_Avisak9

Avisa’s  Red, Chilling!!! 

Kilo_Belgian Malinois_Avisak9

Avisa’s Kilo in hotel room, vacationing!!

Kevlar_AvisaK9_Belgian Malinois

Avisa’s Kevlar

Chief_Dylan_Isis_Belgian Malinois_AvisaK9

Chief with his owner Jake, Dylan x Isis Pup

Dylan-Belgian Malinois- Avisak9

Dylan Perle De Tourbiere

Belgian Malinois Puppy_Isis_dylan Perle De tourbiere

Dylan x Isis Puppy

Belgian Malinois Dog_Dylan Perle De tourbiere_Hillie_Arat

Avisa’s  Arat, Dylan x Hillie  


Athos x Hillie male pup

maverick_Avisak9_belgian malinois


Athos_Hillie Litter_BelgianMalinois_Avisak9

Athos x Hillie Litter

Athos_Hillie_Male_Belgian Malinois_AvisaK9

Athos x Hillie Male

Avisa's Red with D.

Avisa’s Red watching TV with her buddy D !!!! 

Avisak9_Belgian Malinois_Dylan Perle De Tourbiere_Abby

Abby  a Dylan Perle De Tourbiere and Hillie Female with her owner  in the Chugiak Chinook skijor race February 2015. Won the women’s one-dog, even with 36 degree temperatures!!

Avisak9_Kida_Belgian Malinois_Dylan Perle De Tourbiere_Isis

Avisa’s Kida with her owner and playmate. Kida is a Dylan and Isis pup!!


Avisak9_ Chief_Belgian Malinois_Dylan perle De tourbiere_Isis

Avisa’s Chief, is a year old male from Dylan Perle de Tourbiere X Isis of Braveheart Oradinun.

Avisak9_Brody_belgian Malinois_Dylan Perle De Tourbiere

Avisa’s Brody a male pup from  Dylan x Isis with his family.

Avissk9_Elka_belgian Malinois_Dylan Perle De Tourbiere_Arrack's Home Tika

Avisa’s Elka enjoying the snow. Two year old female from Dylan Perle de Tourbiere X Arrack’s Home Tika Too.

Avisak9- Mia_belgian Malinois_Athos_Hillie Du Val Dorp

Mia relaxing with her family!! Mia is a Hillie and Athos pup.

avisak9_belgian malinois_jager_Hillie Du Val Dorp_Athos

Jager playing Tug!! Jager is Hillie and Athos pup.


athos and hillie pup

Athos and Hillie pup enjoying the snow and her family!

Athos_ Avisa's Larco_Belgian Malinois Dogs_avisa K9

Athos teaching Avisa’s Larco how to use the public facilities!!

Athos_Hillie_Male_Belgian Malinois_AvisaK9

Athos X Hillie Male @ 3months

Athos_Nala_Moxie_Belgian Malinois_Six Months_puppy_avisa k9

Moxie, Athos x Nala Female

Athos_Nala_six Month _Belgian Malinois_puppy_Avisa K9

Athos X Nala Female @ 6months old

avisa's Larco_ Cayla_Dylan Perle De tourbiere_Puppies_avisa k9

Avisa’s Larco watching Cayla x Dylan’s puppies!!

Avisa's Larco_Nala_Belgian Malinois_Dogs_Avisa K9

Avisa’s Larco and Nala playing tug!

Avisa's Larco_Nala_Hillie_Ziva_Belgian Malinois_Dogs_Avisa K9

Hillie, Nala, Ziva , Larco during training time.

cayla_Dylan perle de tourbiere_belgian Maliois_avisa k9

Cayla x Dylan Perle De Tourbiere puppy.

Cayla_Dylan_Belgian Malinois Pups_5 weeks_avisa k9

Cayla X Dylan’s Puppies @ 5 weeks, playing follow the leader!!


hoppa_Dylan Perle De Tourbiere_Bellgian Malinois_Avisa K9

K9 Hoppa bred by Avisa K9 donated to and acquired by an Ohio law enforcement agency was involved in a major drug bust. This is the information sent to us:

Hi! I just wanted to share this article with you. K9 Hoppa was the K9 who sniffed out the Heroin that got this ball rolling! She got quite the nose! Our little joke is that Hoppa is sniffin’ for Dopa!!!!! Keep breeding those winners!!!…/summit-county-sheriff-s-deputies-seiz…

Odin_Dylan Perle De TOurbiere_Isis_Belgian Malinois_Avisa K9

Odin, Year old pup from Dylan and Isis.

Avisa K9 Female_belgian Malinois Puppy

Avisa’s Nation, helping with dishes!!

Avisa K9_Cayla_Dylan Perle De Tourbiere_Belgian Malinois

Cayla X Dylan Perle De Tourbiere Female Pup

Avisa K9_Isis_Dylan_Belgian Malinois Puppies

Isis X Dylan Perle De Tourbiere Litter

Avisa K9_Isis_Dylan_Male_Belgian Malinois

Isis X Dylan Perle De Tourbiere Male

Avisak9_Belgian Malinois_Dylan Perle De Tourbiere_Abby

Abby with owner Skijoring in Alaska

Jerry 01_Athos_Hillie_Belgian Malinois_Avisa k9

Jerry Belgian Malinois Male from  Athos X Hillie


female Belgian Malinois_Cayla_Dylan_Avisa K9

Nation, Female from  Cayla X Dylan Perle De Tourbiere

Kevlar 02_Houston_Dylan_Avisa k9_Belgian Malinois

Kevlar Doing Bite work. Houston X Dylan Male

Kevlar_Houston_Dylan_Avisa k9_Belgian Malinois

Kevlar Training!!

Larco 01_Avisak9_Belgian Malinois_Dylan

Larco , Isis X Dylan Perle De Tourbiere Male

Larco_Avisa k9_Belgian Malinois_ puppy

Larco resting after bite work!!

Moxie_Avisa K9_Belgian Malinois

Moxie Getting her confirmation ribbon from Nala X Athos


Our Beloved retired Stud KNPV PH1 Dylan Perle De Tourbiere Hanging out with Poema!

Avisa’s Red, Daughter of our retired Stud Dylan Perle De Tourbiere with her owner and playmate !!!

Maligator Sighting!!! Avisa’s Smokee enjoying the pool.

Smokee is a daughter of Boris and Poema.


Avisa’s Cairo, Branch Manager , vacationing!

Luke Son of our Stud KNPV PH1 Boris having fun at the beach!























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